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Arena Use

The arena is for use by active members only (please refer to membership details page) & for rent for the local horse community.   Please email or call for dates, rates, & contracts for Arena Rental. We welcome 4H Clubs, clinics, & shows.



Arena Rules

Our club Arena is for Active ERC Member use only: paid members that attend at least 4 meetings per year (one per quarter) and who volunteer at least 10 hours per year at shows, setups, fundraising, etc. OR for Recreational Members with payment who attend at least 3 meetings per year. See the Membership tab for joining info/rates.


-No guests unless it is an event that is open to the public.


-No Dogs on the premises.


-No alcohol or drugs under any circumstances.


-Members may use arena for recreational purposes only.  No training or giving/receiving lessons for pay!

No commercial/monetary use unless via paid arena rental contract. 


-Helmets: Those persons 18 years old must wear a helmet when mounted, western or english.

All riders, in all disciplines are encouraged to wear helmets.  


-Safety: Wearing safe attire/tack and not pushing your horse's limit with jump heights, barrels & obstacles in sometimes wet grass footing is being a responsible member.  If a member becomes too much of a liability to the club the Board of Directors may consider revoking membership. 


-All riders under 18 years of age must be supervised by a parent or guardian while at ERC Arena. Adults riding alone should let a friend or family member know they are riding and an expected return time in case of accident.


-All trash must be hauled out, bring your own trash bags. Manure rake is provided for removing manure from ring and spreadinghay/manure around your trailer parking spot. 


-All equipment (jumps, poles, etc.) must be returned to their original positions or storage area. If the arena is setup for an upcoming event, please do not move obstacles.  Likely Working Eq. Obstacles, dressage ring letters, jumps may be measured out for an upcoming show. 


-Make sure the entrance gate is secured before you leave. Lock the 2 padlocks together so that Duke Energy can enter with their keyed lock as needed. The gate code will be sent to members in good standing & changed and resent throughout the year.  If you share the gate code with non members your membership can be revoked.


-Water and lights are turned on for shows, meetings, and special events only. The water is turned off November - April so the pipes don't freeze. 


-Be respectful of the grounds and take ownership, treating it as a co-op between members.  The landowner that leases the property to the club lives near and watches what goes on at the arena.  If members are loud, obnoxious, or dangerous we may all lose the use the facility.  Try to leave it better then you found it.  


Please see our By Laws for additional info on arena rules and use.

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