Sat, Sep 12 | 3802 Turnpike Rd

ERC Working Equitation Schooling Show

Working Equitation Ease of Handling Obstacles Learning environment with feedback from WE judge Maria Blackstone
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ERC Working Equitation Schooling Show

Time & Location

Sep 12, 2020, 9:00 AM
3802 Turnpike Rd, 3802 Turnpike Rd, Horse Shoe, NC 28742, USA

About The Event

September 12th, 2020 @ 9:00am { Rain Date September 26th }

Judge: Maria Blackstone​

​$60 per Adult Trial Entry/ $40 Children under 13yrs./ $30 for Leadline (use coupon code "leadline" at checkout)

Online registration required- after you register you will have the choice of paying via paypal or manually.  If you do not pay via paypal please mail your check where will receive it no later then 2 weeks AFTER your online registration date. Etowah Riding Club, Post Office Box 93, Etowah, NC 28729.  Registration not complete until payment is received, no later then Sept 5th.

GENERAL INFORMATION: Footing is grass. Gates open at 7:30AM. Limited to 30 total rides, show MUST have at least 20 riders to avoid cancellation due to lack of participation. Refunds will be issued for show cancellation only, not for rain date non attendance. Payment & registration due by September 5th, 2020. Liability Waiver & negative coggins required at show check in. Register online & pay via Paypal or by mail to ERC @ PO Box 93, Etowah, NC 28729. This show is geared towards beginners & intermediate riders with a learning environment. Time allotted for judge feedback after each trial. Trials will be placed 1st through 5th per division. COVID 19: masks required in the registration area, social distancing encouraged.

Children’s Level (7 to 13 years old as of 1/1/20): must perform all obstacles at either walk or trot and may either walk or trot between obstacles. 

Introductory Level: must perform all obstacles at either walk or trot and must trot between obstacles.

Novice A Level: canter is required between obstacles, and changes of lead are through the trot. Obstacles must be trotted, unless required or allowed to be walked.

Novice B Level: canter is required between obstacles, and changes of lead through the trot are required. Obstacles must be cantered unless required or allowed to be walked or trotted.

Intermediate A Level: canter is required in and between obstacles, & changes of lead through the walk are required. Obstacles must be cantered, unless required or allowed to be walked.

Intermediate B Level: canter is required in and between obstacles, & flying changes of lead are required. Obstacles must be cantered, unless required or allowed to be walked.

Advanced Level: canter is required in and between obstacles, and flying changes of lead are required. Obstacles must be cantered, unless required or allowed to be walked, & one hand must be used on the reins exclusively.

1. Show will follow ​Working United Rules​. See the  WE UNITED WEBSITE  for more info on rules & obstacles.

2. TACK: Appropriate, safe, and clean schooling attire is required. Show attire is optional.

Boots with a heel are required. Helmets are required when mounted, including western classes for all ages of riders. *Waiving WE United Tack rules/requirements.

3. No alcoholic beverages are allowed on the show grounds.

4. No dogs are allowed on the show grounds. NO EXCEPTIONS!

5.Preassigned ride times will be emailed the week before the show. If you are not at the ring within two minutes of your ride time, you will forfeit that ride.

6. The same horse/rider combination may enter multiple levels but will only be scored for awards to their highest level entered.

7. No Refunds for no shows. No refunds for cancellations within 2 weeks of show date or for non attendace of rain date. It’s impossible to hire volunteers, judge, setup etc. and have people cancel at last minute.  We will try to have show unless weather is really bad.


Additional Info:


SCHOOLING PRIOR TO SHOW:​ Riders will be able allowed to hand walk their horses (no riding) on the obstacle course from 8:00AM- 8:45AM and then again during 15 minute scheduled ride breaks throughout the day. These times will be written into the ride schedule in advance. Obstacles will be numbered. Horse longeing will be permitted in designated area at top of showgrounds near parking area. ERC will attempt to have obstacles out for members to school in months leading up to show.

SPECIAL ALLOWANCES FOR CHILDREN, INTRODUCTORY, AND NOVICE LEVELS​: ​During Ease of Handling, competitors in Children’s, Introductory, and Novice levels are allowed three refusals (each penalized in scoring). If the third try is unsuccessful, the rider can, with the authorization of the Judge, move on to the next obstacle, and a score of 0 is given for the obstacle not completed.

OBSTACLES​:​ Children’s & Intro Levels will have option of doing 9 obstacles or all on course, decided ahead of time. Novice level & above will perform all obstacles.

SCORING​: ​13 Obstacles will be used for all divisions. The scoring rubric used to judge each obstacle performed during the EOH trial is identical to the rubric used to judge the movements prescribed in the ​Dressage trial​, as follows: ​10 – Excellent, 9 – Very Good, 8 – Good, 7 – Reasonably Good, 6 – Satisfactory, 5 – Reasonable, 4 – Insufficient, 3 – Poor, 2 – Bad, 1 – Very Bad, 0 – Failure to Perform. The judge scores each obstacle performed on the EOH course on a scale of 0-10. In addition, the judge provides “Collective Marks” at the conclusion of the test for transitions/navigation, gaits, impulsion, submission, rider, and presentation. If the judge hears a rider using verbal cues to influence their horse, 2 points will be subtracted from their score for each instance observed. Failure to salute results in a 5 point penalty. For obstacles at which there is at least one major problem in performance, the judge(s) will not award a score higher than 4. A score of 10 is rarely, if ever, awarded. Half points are allowed in EOH trials in the United States.

DISQUALIFICATION: ​Since this is a ​SCHOOLING SHOW ​any disqualified participant will be allowed to finish the course and receive judges feedback as if they were not disqualified. DQ’d riders will not be entered into award rankings.**

-Competitors will be disqualified from the Ease of Handling trial for a variety of errors, such as: -Going off course or crossing through the path of an obstacle out of order

-Knocking over a key element of an obstacle without correcting it and completing the obstacle (for example: knocking over the jug before picking it up and proceeding without retrieving the jug), except at levels where a member of the ring crew is permitted to hand the dropped obstacle component to the competitor. Three refusals to perform the same obstacle (Intermediate, Advanced, and Masters levels).

-Switching the hands with which they are working obstacles (for example: picking up the jug with the right hand and ringing the bell with the left hand)

Please see the following show program for obstacle details & more info:

2020 WE Schooling Show

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